We’ve all heard of it, whispered in every dark corner of our friendly budget friendly department stores. And thanks to our good friends at the likes of Zara and Forever 21 it has become incredibly easy to ignore the daunting horror of it. The fashion cycle- otherwise known as the imminent death of all quirks, trends, and styles. First step the introduction phase, or when something is sent down the catwalk that is fresh and new. Also known as the designer level, where unfortunately if you love this shiny, new fashion trend you will have designer prices to reason with if you really want to play. Most consumers, void the most bold of ‘fashionistas’, will politely acknowledge the new look on the block but opt to ignore it incase it fails to take off. It is a safe choice to make, that way if it flops you don’t have an over priced closet decoration and if it rises you can ride the trend out until it enters into a price point that can be considered affordable.
The sad thing is, that no matter how fabulous something may be, it eventually must die. The 80’s and their shoulder pads. The 90’s and their flannel. The 2000’s and their leggings. It seems in today’s age with fast fashion shops that can take something runway chic and have it mass produced by midnight that the life cycle of fashion is becoming incredibly short. The question must be answered, when is it that fashion is dead? Or in other words…where does fashion go to die? How can you tell when something is on the path to obsolescence? Here are three hints. 1.“Welcome to Target”. 2. $19.99 tops, $29.99 trousers, $39.99 jackets. 3. You’re mother/grandmother either a) picks out/buys for you or b) has one for herself, in two different colors even.
It is a hard call to make to say no to fashion when you spend month after month shopping for and falling in love with a trend. Even worse, we have stores like H&M that make the dying look oh so fabulous. Sometimes, though, it is best to just accept denial and do the right thing- let it die quickly and without pain.
  • Posted: Thursday November 8th, 2012 at 10:17am
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